Biographical Information
Name: Abran Reyes
Age: 45
Status: Deceased
Class: Formerly an Official
Residence: Keya Province (formerly)

Mapletree Borough, Oria Province (formerly)

Significant Other/s: Molly Reyes (wife)
Relatives: Samuel Reyes (father)

Molly Reyes (wife)
Cassia Reyes (daughter)
Bram Reyes (son)

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Character Information
Appears in: Matched

Crossed (mentioned)

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Abran Reyes was married to Molly Reyes. Together they had two children, Cassia and Bram. Abran was an Official in the city.

Biography Edit

Abran worked as an Official in the Society and dealed with historical things.

When his father, Samuel Reyes, had his Final Banquet, he wanted his son to destroy his tissue sample. Abran did and when the Officials realized that the sample had not been submitted, they questioned Abran. Molly stood by him. Cassia, however, was angry.

Abran dies of the Plague in "Reached", and his son, Bram, finds his dead body while working with the archivists.