Artifacts are objects from the past. Each citizen was allowed to have one, until the Society took all legal artifacts away for museums in the middle of Matched; claiming that they caused inequality among citizens. Artifacts were usually only held by richer citizens or relatives of ancestors who had made sure artifacts were passed down carefully through the family. Some artifacts are platinum cuff links (previously owned by Xander Carrow) Grandfather's watch (previously owned by Bram Reyes and Grandfather) a compass (previously owned by Ky Markham) and a compact (previously owned by Cassia Reyes and Grandfather).

Artifacts Edit

Character Artifact Artifact's Original Owner Registered/ Not Registered
Cassia Reyes Compact Samuel Reyes Registered
Bram Reyes Watch Samuel Reyes Registered
Ky Markham Compass Non-Registered
Lea Abbey Bracelet Most Likely Registered