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Biographical Information
Name: Bram Reyes
Age: 10
Status: Alive
Class: Aberration
Relatives: Abran Reyes (father), Molly Reyes (mother), Cassia Reyes (sister), Samuel Reyes (grandfather), Grandmother
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Distinguishing features: Skinny
Brown, curly hair
Character Information
Appears in: Matched, Crossed, Reached

Bram is the younger brother of Cassia. He is said to be 10 years old. He was late to school several times and likes to run on the streets freely. He was first introduced in Matched and was mentioned numerous times in Crossed. He also appeared near the end of Reached.

He is mentioned to have a very close relationship with their grandfather. When Ky Markham meets Eli, the thirteen year old Aberration who Vick and he escape into the canyons with, he thinks that he looks like Bram.

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