Biographical Information
Name: Eli
Class: Aberration
Residence: Central
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Distinguishing features: Skinny
Brown, curly hair
Character Information
Appears in: Crossed, Reached

Eli is a decoy that escapes with Ky Markham and Vick Roberts into the canyons. Ky decides to bring him with them because Eli reminded him of Bram Reyes, Cassia's little brother.


Eli is from Central and has never lived anywhere else. His parents died in a medical center after getting sick, but, because he wasn't a Citizen, no one adopted him. When he was sent to the Outer Provinces as a decoy, Ky decided he would go with him and Vick because he reminded him of Bram. Eli stays with Ky even after Vick dies, but he decides to leave with Hunter to find the other Anomalies across the plain after the group decides to split up.

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