Biographical Information
Name: Em
Age: 17
Status: Alive
Class: Citizen
Residence: Oria Province (formerly)
Significant Other/s: Dalen (Match)
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Distinguishing features: black hair, dark eyes, fair skin
Character Information
Appears in: Matched

Em is Cassia Reyes's "best girlfriend" in Matched.

Biography Edit

Em is Cassia's best friend in "Matched" and "Crossed". Together, they are in a group of friends that consists of Cassia, Em, Xander, Ky, Sera, and Piper.

During "Matched", Em goes to the Music Hall with Cassia, Xander, and Ky. There, Em has an anxiety attack about her Match Banquet. Xander gives her his green tablet on Ky's suggestion and Em calms down.

When Em is at the "Saturday activity" where people would plant newroses "in front of First School and eat dinner outside", Em reveals to Cassia that she feels they haven't been talking much. Eventually, they talk about Em's upcoming Match Banquet and Cassia offer to let Em borrow her artifact for the Banquet.

After Em's Banquet, she talks to her friends at lunch about it, gushing about Dalen , who she was Matched to. She passed Cassia's artifact to Ky later "on the air train after the Match Banquet." The compact was returned to Cassia.

The Officials collected artifacts, and Em was upset and cried, feeling guilty about how she had Cassia's artifact at the Banquet.


Cassia Reyes (Friend)Edit

Em is Cassia's best friend in "Matched" and "Crossed". Cassia lends Em her golden compact that was her Grandfather's for Em's Match Banquet. She frequently exchanges looks with Cassia (for example; when the boys compete against one another, she rolls her eyes). Em also lets Cassia in on her feelings.

Dalen (Match) Edit


Em has black hair, fair skin and dark eyes.


  • She chose the yellow #14 dress for her Match Banquet.
  • She is Matched with a boy named Dalen from Acadia Province.