Biographical Information
Name: Hunter
Status: Alive
Class: Anomaly
Significant Other/s: Catherine (wife)
Relatives: Sarah (daughter)
Anna (mother-in-law)
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Character Information
Appears in: Crossed, Reached

Hunter is an Anomaly living in the Carving. Ky Markham and the others find him when he is burying a small girl, and they offer to trade with him. It turns out that the girl was his daughter, Sarah and he is willing to trade information with them if they go with him to a cave and tell him what it is inside.


When Hunter was younger, he tried to find the Rising but only made it to the stream before turning back. He had been in love with Catherine, the Anomaly's leader's daughter, and she could not leave with him because she was next in line to be leader after her mother, Anna. He married her and they had a daughter named Sarah, but Catherine died in childbirth.

When the Anomalies had to make the decision to fight or leave, Sarah was too sick and Hunter could not leave her. Anna, Catherine's mother and the leader of the Anomalies, took a group and left them behind in the Carving. Ky and the others find him when he is burying Sarah, and he takes them to the Cavern before destroying the tubes in it. He then agrees to trade information with them before leaving to cross the plain to find the rest of the Anomalies. Eli ends up leaving with him instead of staying with his original group. In Endstone, Hunter finds it unfair that Sarah had died, so he disconnected all of the patients nutrient bags, including Ky's, trying to kill him. Because of Hunter's actions, the citizens of Endstone have voted to banish him. It is unknown where he went after his banishment.