Biographical Information
Name: Livy
Status: Alive
Residence: Oria Province
Significant Other/s: Ky Markham (crush)
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Distinguishing features: Blonde hair
Character Information
Appears in: Matched

Livy is a character in Matched whom Cassia Reyes meets during hiking. Cassia finds out that Livy likes Ky Markham.

Appearance Edit

She is said to have gold hair.

Biography Edit

Livy had hiking for her summer leisure activity along with Cassia and Ky among others.

Livy, according to Cassia, was "getting better and better at hiking". Livy was thrilled at finishing only behind Ky and Cassia one day. Another day, Livy hikes up into second place, ahead of Cassia. He draws on the ground with Livy. Cassia thought they were writing letters and got upset, thinking Ky had chosen Livy over her, or that he didn't care about Cassia. It turns out, Livy had watched Ky draw letters with Cassia and didn't realize that they were letters so Ky drew with her, claiming that he had drawn earlier.

Later, when they hike the Hill, they were split into groups of two. Livy was in a group with Tay, but she was dissapointed as she wanted Ky to be in her hiking group.

Later, Livy goes to the game center where Cassia, Ky, Xander Carrow, Em, and Piper are. Cassia thought that Livy was there "for Ky". When Xander and Ky played prisoner's dilemma, Livy hadn't heard about the game and Em explained the game to her. After Xander and Ky played prisoner's dilemma, Livy spoke Ky while Xander talked to Cassia. Livy also went to watch Xander and Ky play another game- most likely Check.

Personality Edit

Livy "acts enthusiastic about everything." She was shown, once, to be quite talkative.