Match Banquet
Participants All 17 year olds if they choose to be Matched
Date Anytime during someone's 17th year
Location Each Province, inside the City Hall
The Match Banquet is the second important banquet in the lives of the people who live in the Society, following the Welcome Banquet, and before the Final Banquet. The Match Banquet takes place when people living in the Society turn 17. They may be Matched any time in the year after they turn 17. The people are Matched with someone to marry and start a family with. People can only be Matched if they are not a Single, an Aberration, or an Anomaly. Most people don't know their Match, but a few people, like Cassia and Xander, have met their Match before. The Society gives them a microcard in a silver box once they are Matched.

All citizens of the Society must choose whether or not to be Matched. If not, they are a Single.

Once both of the Matched are 21 years old, they get married.

Known Matches: Edit

(Married before "Matched")

(Matched before "Matched")

(Matched during or after "Matched")

(It is unknown exacty which book they were Matched in, only near).