Outer Provinces
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Signature Dangerous
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The Outer Provinces are mentioned and visited frequently in the series.

In MatchedEdit

Cassia Reyes has heard little about the Outer Provinces other than the few major rumors: it's dangerous, miserable, and full of Aberrations and Anomalies. Towards the end of the first book, Cassia is taken to do her first real life sort. She is brought to a foilware cleaning facility and told to sort the workers into two groups: the best, fastest working workers and the slower paced workers. At first she thinks the sort is easy, but then is torn when she realizes that she must sort Ky Markham. She is so conflicted because he has mastered the art of being average. Cassia knows that the best workers will receive a new work assignment. Even if it is out of the city, Ky will have a happier, better life. Cassia decides to sort him into the best working group. After the sort is over, she still has conflicting emotions about her decision to put Ky in the groups with the better workers. After a few days, Officials come in the very early morning, when everyone is still sleeping, to remove Ky from his home and onto an air train that will bring him to the Outer Provinces to a "new work assignment," when in reality, they are bringing him there to fight the war against the Enemy. Cassia is full of regret and sorrow. Das the info.  

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