Biographical Information
Name: Samuel Reyes
Age: 80
Status: Deceased
Nicknames: Grandfather
Class: Formerly an Official
Significant Other/s: Cassia Reyes's Grandmother
Relatives: Pilot Reyes (mother),

Abran Reyes (son),
Molly Reyes (daughter-in-law),
Cassia Reyes (granddaughter),
Bram Reyes (grandson)

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Distinguishing features: Silver, thinning hair
Character Information
Appears in: Matched
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Samuel Reyes is Cassia Reyes's deceased Grandfather.

He was a rebel and decided that, in a way, he was going to die fighting and if he was going to die, he was going to die and accept it. This meant that he told his son, Abran Reyes, to destroy his DNA sample so he would never be brought back when he didn't want to be and could die with dignity when he chose to.


Grandfather's name is Samuel Reyes. Grandfather and Cassia's grandmother were one of the last couples to get Matched later in life; they were both 35. They had Abran, Cassia's father, four years later, when they were 39 years old. He was their only child. He became a widower when his wife died early at the age of 62 from one of the last kinds of cancer. Grandfather's work activity was information sorting, and until he retired at the age of 70; he was an Official. His son went on to do the same job as him.

Final Banquet Edit

Grandfather had his Final Banquet on June 17, two days after his granddaughter, Cassia's, Matching Banquet. He chose light green plainclothes for his attire and all desserts for his final meal.

At his Final Banquet, he gives Cassia an old slip of paper with two poems that are not a part of the Hundred Poems. They were hidden in a compact, his Artifact which he gave to Cassia.

Each of his family members presents him with a different gift. Cassia gives him a letter that she made on a letter-making program on the port containing sentiments and poems she copied that she thought he might like. Grandfather tells her that she has her own words to use and she should use them, not other's words. She pulls out a cottonwood seed that was in her pocket, as a substitute. Bram brought a slightly dirty rock shaped almost like an egg that he took from a pile of soft green pine needles in a spot as close to The Hill that he could get. Molly, Cassia's mother, gives him a brown leaf with curling edges that she obtained the day before at the arboretum. It is unknown what Grandfather was given by Abran.

His microcard contains his history and favorite memories. His favorite memory of Bram was his first word, "more". His favorite memory of Cassia was the "red garden day", which Cassia thinks Bram mistakenly said that instead of what she thought were the "red garden days", when she used to sit or walk with him. This was the day when she sorted Aberrations and Anomalies into the Matching Pool to protect him. She was given the red pill to forget, so he decided to help her remember what she had done.