The Blue Tablet
Vital statistics
Owners All parents and Citizens once they are 10 years old
Effects Makes people become exhausted and can cause death if they are not rescued, or if more than one Blue tablet are taken, is automatically lethal.
Colors Blue
Source The Society

All of the pills.

A child is given their blue tablet when they turn ten. The Society claims that the tablet has enough nutrients to keep them alive for several days if they have water as well. However, this is not true. If a person ingests one blue tablet, they will become ill and die unless they receive medical attention from the Society. If they take more than one at once, they die quickly. However, in Crossed, Cassia takes one and is not stopped.

It is possible that the pill gives the user nutrients that allows them to survive as well as weakens them, as to keep the user alive and submissive to orders if the Society finds you.

In Reached, the ultimate truth is far more secret and terrifying; the blue pill is the trigger for the Cerulean Virus, an offshoot of the original Plague.

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