The Hundreds (name not officially stated in series)


Developed by The Society- specifically


Contains things like music, poetry, dresses, and art.

A number of things such as poems and music were cut down into a group of 100 by The Society by the Hundred Committee. This was so that people were not overcome with the amount of things around them. The pieces are numbered one through one-hundred.

Entertainment Edit

The Hundred Poems Edit

A collection of poetry.

See Hundred Poems

"The Moon" - Henry Thoreau

Unnamed Poem - Alfred Tennyson

"Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" - Robert Frost

The Hundred Paintings Edit

A collection of art.

Number Nineteen- "Chasm of Colorado" by Thomas Moran

Number Ninety-Seven- "Girl Fishing at San Vigilio" by John Sargent

The Hundred Songs Edit

A collection of music.

"The Anthem of the Society"

"My Romance"

"Just Like You"

The Hundred Stories Edit

A collection of stories.

Number Three- Xanthe's Story (name not officially given in novel)

"The Lottery" - Shirley Jackson

"A Piece Of String" - Guy de Maupassant

"The Glorious Beginning Of The Society"

Fashion Edit

The Hundred Dresses Edit

Girls must choose one of these dresses when they are being Matched for their Match Banquet.

Number fourteen- a "very light yellow" dress "with butterfly sleeves". Em wore this for her Match Banquet.

Number twenty-two- "one of the pink gowns".

Number seventy-three- "ice green, floating, full-skirted." Cassia wore this for her Match Banquet.

A "bright red dress." Lea wore ths for her Match Banquet.

A "blue satin" dress. Molly wore this for her Match Banquet.

Also "a violet dress".

Unnamed Hundred Edit

For their Matching, boys get to choose "the color of their shirts and cravats".

For his Match Banquet, Xander wore a "blue cravat" and "white shirt" so those are options for the boys among others.

Educational Edit

The Hundred History Lessons Edit

A lesson about Queen Anne.

A lesson about a "crypt of a tomb".