SPOLIER ALEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU HAVE NOT READ REACHED YOU SHOULD NOT READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Indie. The Pilot told us that she flew until her ship ran out of feul and no one could be spared to pick up the body. Well, we know she left because she had the mutation, and did not want to be cured. We were told she went down with her ship, but did she? As we all know, it's possible to survive a plane crash. So, Indie could have survived the crash. But KittyKat!!! you say, Indie was infected with the mutation, so she must have gone still if she survived!! That's true, but, as you know, the blue tablet worked as the Plauge did, it made you go still with no help. The Plauge's help was the cure, and the blue tablet's help was the Society. Altough, Cassia did walk through the blue tablet, so does that mean that it's possible, if you function such as Cassia did, that you could walk through the Plauge? Well, it's possible. Since we don't know what made Cassia be able to walk through the blue tablet, we don't know that Indie didn't have the same things. So, is it possible that Indie walked through the Plauge, and lived? Tell me what you think of this theroy below!