Biographical Information
Name: Vick Roberts
Status: Deceased
Nicknames: Vick
Class: Citizen, Aberration (first generation)
Residence: Camas Province
Significant Other/s: Lei Nea
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Character Information
Appears in: Crossed
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Vick Roberts was a decoy who was a friend of Ky's, and he was from the Camas Province. He ran along with Ky and Eli to the Carving, but he died in a sudden attack while fishing at a stream.


Vick's father was an Officer, which explains his bearing and how he said once that he lived by the Army bases. When Vick rejected getting Matched to marry Laney instead, Officials took him away to the Outer Provinces and he went from Citizen to Aberration.

Love Interests

Lei Nea

Vick was in love with Lei, who he nicknamed Laney. When the time came for him to decide whether or not to be Matched, Vick decided to remain a Single. He then had a Marriage Contract with Lei, though she was an Anomaly. Not long after they celebrated their Contract, Officials came for them but Laney and her family had already disappeared.